Many companies are recognizing that to achieve competitive success in today's corporate constantly changing world, they need to engage increasingly in the constant improvement in all areas of operation.


And that is why the office Alexandre Barroso Sociedade de Advogados has the differential of being able to maintain a multidisciplinary team committed and capable to assist in professional, responsive, efficient and effective projects in all levels of complexity and in several areas.


The purpose desired by the team is not only to develop a trusting relationship with their clients, but also business partnership through which the real business needs are met.


The commitment of the office is to create, improve, develop and implement strategies aimed at legal and business not so much solving the problems as primarily assisting customers in prospecting for new business by integrating the necessary departments for the implementation of projects.


The firm focuses its activities on the development of elements for business competitiveness that will give customers support to get it, and consequently, revenues and ultimately profits. The office can do all this without neglecting the conflict management and contingency analysis on the market.


The mission of the lawyer, nowadays, is no longer limited to providing highly technical solutions with the provision of the judiciary as the sole source of resolving disagreements. On the contrary, the lawyer today strives to provide customer information, technology and knowledge, aiming at the future in order to prospect it, presenting strategies and real, serious, reliable and secure means to achieve that. And that is the vision of the firm Alexandre Barroso Sociedade de Advogados.